Mythereum, The difference between Pay-to-Win and Play-to-Win

In the gaming genre, there are several game styles emerging over the last few years. Let’s focus on the difference between pay-to-win vs. play-to-win game modes. Oftentimes, these concepts are lost on the average joe, and they assume what other people say, rather than looking into it themselves. IGN, a major magazine said it very well:

"Establishing a competitive game that is skill-based is the key. If you’re knowledgeable about the game, you should be able to have a shot at winning, even against someone who has spent more money. It’s when the “wallet warriors” always win that causes other players to get frustrated and bail out.”

This is what it truly boils down to. Mythereum, for example is a competitive game and is by far, skill-based. Mythereum has 4 tiers of gameplay:

  1. Introductory: Anyone can Claim 30 free Survivor cards chosen completely randomly for the 100+ card set, and immediately start playing with those decks, or custom, player re-created decks from those initial cards.
  2. Purchased Packs of current set(s): Awakening. Each pack provides new and unique cards to add to a player’s base card set, and allows them to engage in intermediate to advanced player tournaments. These cards are also acquirable by trading with other players, through promotional weekly events, and by winning survivor tournaments (all free methods).
  3. Mythicats: An advanced tier of cards that are only acquirable by getting cryptokitties and forging them over into Mythicats in the Mythereum Forge. This is not expensive at all, and several top tier cards that can compete even with genesis, can be acquired for less than $1 buck in crypto.
  4. Genesis: Original Founder cards: Like all decentralized games, there are limited, collector edition cards that had a limit on how many were to ever be produced. These cards are elite tier, and can make all the difference in a battle, however they are generally restricted to their own tournament leagues to ensure that only elite players face each other.
    Very few game modes allow genesis, and they are still acquirable via at least 3 methods; trading with other players, purchasing from the limited stock available on markets such as Opensea, and through rare promotions where a handful of genesis have been set aside for giveaways.
Current Mythereum Card Sets

So in examining the Mythereum model, to further expound upon the play-to-win concept, cards cannot be upgraded with any sort of currency other than a “proof-of-play” token identified in-game as “MX”. This MX is only acquirable by completing in-game tasks such as:

  1. Starting a public battle match, you can set the stake (reward if any) and determine match length, and type(s) of cards allowed to be played.
  2. Raiding other Warlords, especially Dark Warlords, the npc enemy of Mythereum players. This is extremely fruitful, just do your research! There is a 20 minute timer for raiding, so at most 3 times per hour.
  3. Cheering for other players. Whether a player is in a battle with someone else, or a bot, you can join their match and cheer them on! (This just doesn’t work for your own matches!) You can cheer up to 20 times, and will be rewarded a fair amount of MX. There is no cap on how many battles one can cheer for.
  4. Winning raffles, contests, giveaways and tournaments. Very large amounts of these “proof-of-play” tokens can be awarded via these methods, so always keep an eye out.

As you can see, the Mythereum Tournament structure allows for a variety of rewards, from Currency, Crypto, Cards and Miscellaneous rewards, across the board. Entry Fees are completely optional and custom. Dates, times and rewards can be set by admins, or community lead members as well!

Now, considering these options, MX is used for a variety of things, but most importantly, upgrading cards to make them more powerful and competitive. In theory, someone could actually take a basic survivor card and invest enough MX into it, to where it would be more powerful than most of the most powerful genesis cards! This costs no money, and absolutely requires “proof-of-play” tokens, so its time investment, not money investment.

Mythereum Card Upgrade Menu

Had Mythereum been a pay-to-win mechanism, there would be pay walls (access to areas only after paying X amount) and premium cards as well as premium card upgrades that only can be acquired by paying, not playing. MX also would not be openly available in a pay-to-win scenario, and would likely be purchasable, making it truly pay-to-win.

However, in Mythereum you cannot directly purchase MX at all. it is purely acquirable through play mechanics and trading mechanics (very rarely), and can be generated completely for free while idle!

Here is the Production corner of the Strongholds tab in Mythereum. As you can see, you can actually produce the MX and other resources needed to build your empire! If it were a pay-to-win environment, you would not necessarily have access to these features without having to pay some sort of one time fee.

However, all it takes is some MX and some resources which can be gained through various methods via ingame activity! (Happy hunting!)

Mythereum is a fine example of what a competitive skill-based game should be. Just like any other tabletop card game or digital card game, you will have the option of buying packs, however these are not pay to win, but simply asset gathering options, which can be easily bypassed by trading, community interaction, and by placing in competitions (yes, you get cards even if you don’t win the whole tournament, you can get cards for free just for placing).


Pay Wall means just that — there’s a wall between you and certain items or content that can only be overcome with paying real money.

Pay to Win means just that — every time you pay you get closer to winning, because items or content purchased give you a very perceptible power increase.

You can have a game that has pay walls but no pay to win.
You can have a game that has pay to win but no pay walls.
You can have a game that has neither.
You can have a game that has both.

Mythereum has the option of a pay wall, which can be circumvented with ease.
Mythereum does not have any Pay to Win features at all, rather, it incorporates a “Proof-of-Play” which is more efficient and rewarding to actual players.

In conclusion, pay-to-win scenarios are counter-productive to decentralization of the gaming world. Putting up paywalls, premium content and other roadblocks to a community, that is just beginning to blooming does not compute. The proof-of-play tokenization is an excellent mechanic, and provides players a way to acquire and/or improve assets they own (shout out to NFT’s!). If you want pay-to-win gaming, you’re better off on tower defense fiat games, thats where the real thievery is!

If play-to-win sounds good to you (thats what gaming is all about right?), head on over to Mythereum, sign up, join their Discord, and check out my other articles to help you get started playing!




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