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Welcome to Mythereum!

Starting in September, Mythereum will be introducing several new battle modes and tournament styles. Today, we will cover the Super Brawl (1v1v1v1) Free-for-all Styled Tournaments. These will be randomized, ranked 21 day events, with two pre-qualifiers to prep the initial seasonal ranking.

The season will run through 21 DAILY matches, meaning that if you miss a couple of matches, your overall ranking will suffer. However, if you are not in one of the top 3 positions, your overall ranking will not be affected as much, and the design of the tournament allows everyone to receive a reward at the end of each season, and there is no elimination, so you can play as often as you want!

There will be Four “Tiers”, each tier will have an end of month reward, we are considering the following payout to determine each tier as follows:

Tier 1 (1st place players): 3 Packs of Askian each
Tier 2 (2nd place players): 2 Packs of Askian each
Tier 3 (3rd place players): 1 Pack of Askian each
Tier 4 (4th place players): 2 Askian Cards each

To determine each Tier placement, each “League” Will consist of 16 players. At the end of the month, the four players with the most “points” accrued, will be Tier 1. This will also require that they be in the top bracket as well. Tier 2, will be the next group of 4 and so on.

Each day, the tournament will be run, and 16 players will play in a 4-way (Super Brawl) game (4 matches total, 4x4=16). The winners of each tier will play the winners of the tier below, and the losers of the matches will play the losers of the tier below — each day. So by winning, you increase your tier, and daily point reward for ranking. if you lose, your ranking decreases and overall score reward decreases as well.

For Example, 16 players show up for Match #1. Players 1,2,3,4 will play each other, 5,6,7,8 play each other, etc.

Now, players 1 and 3 are the last man standing, with player 3 being the winner. Player 3 will earn 4 points for that day, and move into player 1 position the following day, player 1 will earn 3 points, and move into player 2 standing the next day.

Now in the player 5,6,7,8 match, player 7 and 8 win, with 8 being the winner. Player 8 will earn 4 points, and take the player 3 position in the following day. Player 7 will then take the player 4 position the next day and earned 3 points.

So with that being said, the points are awarded daily, based on performance that day, winners move up the ladder, while failing players move down the ladder. Each grouping of four determines point payout for that day.

The Last Man Standing in each match will be considered the “winner” of that match, while the first person knocked out, will be considered the “loser” of that match. Each player will receive between 1–4 points, as described above.

The maximum value earnable in a 21 day period is 84 points (21x4) and the minimum earnable if all 21 days is played by that player is 21 points (21x1).

However, life happens and players may not always be able to make it to all 21 games, therefor it is possible for less that 21 points to be achieved by a player, but very unlikely unless they only show for a few battles and do not do so well.

As such, we have tested and verified that matches CAN be started with less than four players, in the case of one or more absentees. In the case of an absent player, they will be relegated the lowest position in their 4 group for that day. Just remember not to start your match until the time to start a match has been announced. Otherwise everyone will be delayed and a rematch will be necessary.

Absentee players will be moved down a rank each day they are absent, naturally. Active players will not be harmed by the absence of a player, as earning a lower score will be impossible in that match, however battle dynamics may be different when facing only 3 or less players.

Depending how well the event goes, we could see a semi final and final where the top scorers and top placements face off for epic prizes too!

Players playing less that 1 match per week will be removed from the league. This is to ensure we do not have an excess of players showing up for just 1 match and expecting rewards in lowest tier form at end of month. Depending on their performance, a player on a waiting list may be given their spot, and accumulated score. This can only be accomplished through administrative action, so please do not coordinate with other players to take your spot.

Does that make sense? I hope so, if not get with me either in comments here, or in discord {here}! Let’s review How exactly to set a Brawl Match on the Mythereum site:

This is a 3-step process once logged into and verified on the Mythereum site

Click on “Battlegrounds”

The first step is easy, just navigate to the top pane of site tabs and click on “Battlegrounds” — then click “Ranked Battle” this will bring the following popup;

Click on “Mode”

Once you arrive in battlegrounds and click ranked battle, the above popup will appear. Click on “Mode” this will allow you to choose “Brawl” as seen below:

Click “Brawl”

As you can see above, you now need to click on “Brawl” — the default is “Duel” so ensure “Brawl” is highlighted. Hereafter, you can then choose the speed (3 minutes suggested), your Deck (For Monthly Super Brawl Tournaments “Any” deck is allowed, with any combination of cards, but must contain only 7 cards, no more, no less. Remember-Annihilate is banned for this format).

Protip: Leave all checkboxes unchecked. Skirmish must not be checked, unless you plan on having 4 very long brawl matches!

Ok, now that we have the tournament and setting up ranked battles aside, lets talk strategy. Now, people have been hesitant, while others are diving head first into brawls. There are alot of misconceptions prior to actually engaging in the battle system, so please don’t hesitate to give it a try, its actually really fun.

The largest dynamic for this battle mode, is it is completely unpredictable, no single player can be the “top” player. People can get focused down, ignored and left till the end, teamed up with, or many other styles. These battles “can” be very political, or very to the point. It can also be completely random as there is no one true way to predict how each player will act.

Other preconceptions that need to be dispelled are, deck styles. Unlike all other formats, in this one — the player with the biggest, baddest cards, is not necessarily the one who will win. Generally, when building a deck for brawl, you want to build to outlast your opponents, or at least survive more than 1 hit per turn, just in case.

This is also determinant upon what type of decks are being used. For the sake of the ranked Super Brawl Tournaments, we will be using an open end, 7 card deck style. This means you can use ANY card from ANY set, but you can only have 7 cards in your deck. You can use duplicates, or even triplicates, and you can mix and match from various sets.

The problem here, is that those who play with the “might is right” mentality, will not last very long. Show up with 7 tigers for example, and you’re likely going to be dead within a round or two at max. Your health will be very low with a full Genesis deck, this meaning you will need to min/max from a large variety of cards, leaving very few cards to be ideal for this format.

As such, I cannot even predict exactly which card(s) will be the MVP!!! (In all other styles, I can do this with ease), however in an open deck, 7 card style, it is very hard to predict which cards will become the MVPs! This of course is good news, everyone can come, experiment and see what their deck can manage/handle. Remember, you may get attacked ALOT, A BIT, or NOT MUCH at all, and various factors will help determine this ratio:

  1. Player Max Health
  2. Player Power Rating
  3. Maximum Stat of your Alchemist
  4. Type(s) of cards in your deck
  5. Relative Power compared to the other players
  6. Your level of aggressiveness/passivity
  7. Randomness of Magick Generation

These 7 factors will be the primary case of interest during Super Brawl tournaments. Your ability to master each of these will largely affect your level of success each season!!!

Well thats it for now folks, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section, or get in touch with me on Discord! {HERE}



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