Chibis Global Early Development — Anniversary Edition (Fall 2021)

Our loyal community members have been rewarded for their time, investment and support of our ongoing project — here is what they received!

Greetings from Chibiville Chibi friends! It is I, the Great Philosopher — who today will deliver unto you news of great value and consideration!!!

We cheerfully await your arrival in our dimension to fight back the hordes of Entropy and rescue us from damnation. It is our hopes that these additional gifts will further encourage you in your journey here!!!

That is some epic stuff right there! New Chibis join the force, new airdrops from some of our most favorite Chibis — Alpha & Tau as well as Founder Drops!!! if this was not enough, our Early Development Anniversary Drops also were released in honor of our initial Transitional Phase for Assets comes to completion!!! Let’s spend some time getting to know your new friends and items.

All players who partook in transitional phasing have received the Anniversary Chibi:

Ahab, Scourge of the Open Seas !!!

As a tip of the hat to the exchange that started it all for most of us, Ahab is our favorite Seafaring Pirate. We chose the name Ahab in honor of a project that we may have a collaboration with in the near future, it is whale themed, has a pfp dynamic and staking/yielding. Perfect for a pirate if you ask me!!!

Ahab is also of course a cultural reference to one of the most famous books in history: Moby Dick. Its quite the read, but with all this downtime, if you haven’t already, its a great read. More to come on Ahab and his future, but for now one last note:

*Ahab, like Chibis that have come before has an AIRDROP Mechanic. it will work differently that Alpha/Tau but will be treasure and loot oriented. Expected to find unique “booty” bags in your mailbox from time to time!

Lorelei, Perfect Shot

She is a very rare Chibi that was dropped to Founder Key Holders during this Anniversary Event.

Lorelei is a rare Elven type Chibi, and an Archer Class. Amongst other benefits, Lorelei grants any ranged units she is grouped with major buffs when nearby.

Increased range, damage and accuracy as well as morale from being near to a member of the Elvenkind are just some of the benefits owners of Lorelei, Perfect Shot will reap. Keep your eyes peeled for Lorelei as she wanders the realm!

Founders also received a couple of unique, interesting items

1. Unique Runes — each Element (earth, air, fire, water, and metal) were airdropped to Founders. 2x of each exist (for now), and each Founder selected only received 1x of these runes. Each rune will provide currently untold benefits. Runes can be used to either enhance a unit, enhance some gear, and may even have gameplay implications —potentially even putting Founder Holders at the forefront of exploring Ancient Ruins…..

2. Unique “Cards” — This Anniversary Airdrop season issues the first of our unique “Cards” drop. Each card (Investigate or Umbrella) was randomly dropped to Founder Key Holders. Cards are a unique item that is applied when dispatching a team in our Staking Dispatch System. Over time players can acquire cards through various methods, and each card applies a unique effect to the team it is dispatched with.

*Cards will have up to 3 unique benefits, and at least 1 potentially negative benefit (initially).

Investigate Card: Teams dispatched with this card will have an easier time discovering rarer outcomes for their adventure. (+)Increased rare item find, (+)increased rare location find, (-)increased risk of encountering a rare monster.

Card color indicates rarity. generally we will utilize familiar rarity colors to traditional mmo’s and games. Thus both of these cards should be considered “Legendary” in quality, thus denoted by their orange coloring.

Umbrella Card:
Teams dispatched with this card will have a unique modifier applied to them regarding weather conditions.

(+)units encountering dangerous or impeding weather conditions have a higher chance of success compared to units without an Umbrella. (+)units encountering impossible weather conditions may return unscathed and earlier than usual with minimal chance of loss and need for rescue.

(-) units equipped with an Umbrella have a higher chance of encountering dangerous Air monsters and are 10% more vulnerable to lightning damage.

Bushido Rei (4/7) Release

Founders also received the mythical, magical:

4th piece of the Bushido Rei !!!

Bushido Rei is a Limited Edition Chibi with a total of 10 copies that will ever exist. It is the first of several Samurai Chibis that will drop over the course of many years to come.

Very rare, and very sought after, Samurai Chibis can be expected to be able to plow through a ton of content.

While future Bushido’s may have a higher max cap, only 10 Bushido Rei’s will ever come into exietence, and thats only if players work together to complete the puzzles!!!

  • As these were randomly distributed, any remaining Founders (and the non-founders) not receiving one- have received 10k Chibi Wax as a complementary reward. Both are lucky, as that 10k Chibi Wax is a guaranteed Chibi on a Chibi Wax spin.

Alpha Owners were of course kept in the loop — each Alpha produced a “Remote Viewer” airdropped item.

This item is exquisite and works as an “eye in the sky” with a cooldown before reuse. Generally it will be most commonly utilized to clear fogs of war in unexplored areas near your Chibi patrols, however more uses will be discovered as time passes!

This can be a highly valuable asset and can potentially save you from making severe mistakes in unknown regions. These will be very rare, and unlikely many will ever be able to be acquired in any other fashion.

  • Once attuned, they can never be used by another player, so choose wisely!

Staying true to the lifetime airdrop feature — Tau holders also received a very special item:

“Chalice of Everlasting Life”

As the name provokes, this item will be high coveted. It can serve as an elixir, instantly restoring health, status, and all sorts of ailment recovery to the drinker. There may be lasting side effects however, and refilling the Chalice can be a difficult but worthy task for only the most skilled of players.

  • These arent the only Chalices that will exist, but acquiring one through gameplay is a much harder taks than an airdrop from Tau!

Protean Chibi Owners (Protean is like Prototypical that exist prior to a genesis grade release) also received something extremely rare and likely to never be found anywhere else.

“Protean Drops”

These are highly volatile potions of Protean Essence.

Applying this to a Protean Chibi will produce “unknown effects.

Protean Drips are best used on Genesis Grade Chibis, however due to the pristine nature of Protean Essence, it can potentially erase a Chibi from existence by fully deconstructing their DNA.

As such the tradeoff is high: Successfully applying a drip to a non-protean Chibi has a small chance to apply a Protean Grade Level Mutation!!!

  • Not for the faint of heart. Each vial has a limited unknown amount of uses — mileage may vary. (try not to kill your whole squad)

With those being said, lets get to our 2021 Anniversary drops!!!

First and foremost:

Resurrection Angel

The Star of the Day (or Year)!!

Amongst all the drops so far, this is likely to be the most coveted and the most lucrative for those hodl’ing instead of playing.

The Resurrection Angel enables a player to reverse a perma-death incident ingame, one time.

I cannot stress the rarity of such an item enough. Over the course of the 10+ years planned for the game, it will be unlikely many players will ever own any of these, let alone 1 or 2.

Today, you were dropped a very valuable item, and hopefully you will be able to hodl it. As an example of what its potential is, I offer you this scenario:

Its 2025, and youve spent the last 3 years building your super powered Chibi and team. You’re level 672, and have clocked well over 20000 hours playing. You’ve cleared all released content and spend your time learning to play the procedurally generated “infinite dungeons”. Today, after playing for 3 days straight without logging off, you’ve reached wits end but also are deeper into the infinite dungeon than ever before.

Lo and behold on floor 1113, you’ve encountered a boss that has a spawn rate of .001% and drops that super rare item 25% of the time. But alas, your wellbeing of staying up for several days straight got the best of you, and your reflexes werent quick enough to dodge that killing blow move. If only you had chosen to use the exit door instead of face the boss, you could have kept all your winnings from the deep dive (worth well over 100k usd).

Oh wait! Back in 2021, we had that Pre-Release Anniversary and I still have my Resurrection Angel!!!! Oh my God, I’m alive again !!!! — Should I finish off the boss, or run for the exit>>> Either way, that Resurrection Angel saved you from some severe perma-loss and even potentially provided you with perma-gains! Boom

2021 Developmental Anniversary Potion

This unique item will also provide unique benefits. A single swing is all that exists in one of these potions — but any Chibi partaking in such a celebratory drink will gain major boons for a short period of time.

An Anniversary Chibi will be immune to the effects of sadness for a short, undisclosed period of time. While immune to sadness, a Chibi’s condition cannot become negative (thus preventing damage from being applied). However, status ailments can still cause harm to the Chibi under such effects, so beware!

Anniversary Potions should be coveted and held to be used at key moments in the game. Wise players will find its usage a major boon and help overcome nearly impossible obstacles just when it’s needed most!

Genesis Modifier Potion

This is yet another powerful substance. The Great Philosopher himself concoted these limited quantity potions.

Each Genesis Modifier potion has the ability to infuse a non-genesis related Chibi or Chibi Item with a potent Genesis Modifier.

Genesis Modifiers are only available to Chibis or Items that do not have any other modifier applied, and re themselves not of Genesis or higher quality. Using this on a Chibi or Item will upgrade it to Genesis Modified Status.

  • Each of these have an unknown amount of uses, but to never exceed 5.

Last, but not least we have our

Gene Syrum

Gene Syrums can be consumed to produce unique effects on the Chibi, likely to create a visually different status to the consumer.

These are very rare, and should only be consumed by the most confidant of Chibis.

Once consumed in full (One-Time Use only), the effects on the Chibi will begin to mutate and appear over a period of several weeks, up to a year. Various activities in the game itself with that Chibi can affect the final outcome — so no two Chibis consuming this will ever have the same outcome.

  • Positive/Negative outcomes are unknown and purely at the interpretation of the imbider — no guarantees!

Replacement Tokens

As first discussed in previous yet recent articles — Replacement Tokens were initially given upon receipt of a discontinued Chibi during the transition period.

We thought it would be nice if all transitioned players were to receive one of these, regardless if they owned a discontinued Chibi or not.

When utilizing your Replacement token(s), you will have the option to pick 1x of the newly added Chibis for the 2021–22 season. If you have multiple tokens, you will be able to choose more of these added Chibis, but no duplicates unless you own 1x of each updated Chibi.

(So say there are 8 replacement Chibis, and you have 10x replacement tokens, you would have to exchange for and entire full set of 8, before being able to pick a duplicate. The same applies after the first set, you cant then pick a trio of the same, you would have to pick 2x different chibis from the set to get your total of 10).

Here are some of our upcoming additions to the Chibi Alliance of Friends:

Replacement Team Reinforcements

Holding all four of these Specific Teammates will produce a unique synergy bonus when grouped together!!

(From left to right:Aris the Greek”; “Wolverine, Slayer of Souls”; “Topper, Defiler of Walls”; and “Elbeau, Wise and Patient”)

One last thing — we aren’t done dropping yet!!! Besides these, each player will receive their “Legacy Rewards” Package and our Special Edition Holder will receive a “Special Edition Rewards” Package as well!

Last, but definitely leastly — all transitioned players not owning a Commemorative Statue will receive one in the coming days! Those already owning one of these will receive a special 25k Chibi Wax reward from the Great Philosopher himself as a thanks for your hopes and loyalty to all things Chibi!

With drops aside — there are a couple of topics we would like to address as well during this transitional period.

The first is artificial rarity. Due to the actions taken against us and our community, many items will cease to exist that should technically still exist. These item losses are due to the actions of bad actors, and we do not feel that they should suffer from human manipulation, otherwise those acting out would still win in some form or fashion.

Thus we will be overseeing the reintegration of key items not present, as well as balancing out items that had multiple mints (Such as Alpha or Tau). Naturally over time, it is normal to expect volume of ownership to decline due to natural factors, however it is determined in this case to have been artifical manipulation. Regardless we will not reintroduce all lost items, but only a portion to ensure fair distribution and presence to prevent niche controls.

One such item is the Bushido Rei blade pieces. Bushido Rei should have a total of 10 ever possible in existence, however many of the released 1–3 pieces would be lost due to the events of 2020. We will determine a best practice to reintroduce these pieces in 2022, most likely in giveaways/airdrops as originally intended and will continue to release the pieces not yet released similarly (as above for 4/7)!

This will apply to other items such Alpha, Heir to the Air, and Tau, Harbringer of Gaia. Unlike Bushido however, these items were purchasable, so we will also have to determine a fair and equal method of distribution for these. We will not return an amount equivalent to the original distribution and will ensure that the rarity cap remains lower than it was released at. We will likely adopt a “25” point swing. So say 51 Alpha’s made it into the transition — we would then round up to the next 25 for the cap (which in that case would be 75). [25–50–75–100] would be the process for Alpha. In that case 24 would remain for future distribution, which would likely be done as social signal promotions to build the community base up.

The initial transition phase is also complete. We will be backlining the transition process and focusing on development and launching from here on out. Our original discord will be discontinued starting Nov 1st 2020. Our new discord is currently only accessible by transitioned members. The old discord will be phased out and completely closed by Jan 1st 2022. Transition opportunity will be closed starting Jan 15th 2022 and will require customer service appeal to have old assets transitioned thereafter. We feel anyone not keping up with 6+ months of announcements really don’t care and thus moving onward as we build up!

With all of that being said — its forward and motion from here on out. We are grateful to those that have been loyal and supportive of the project and look forward to what is to come. We hope these rewards are a wonderful addition to your collection, and can provide opportunities for sustainable growth both personally and comunally.

Until next time, its the great Philosopher checking out, be well Chibi Fam!!

*(p.s. Medium only allows us to post center (big) or left (semi big) I wish we had different options!!!)



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